Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sandy Sea by Gourd Fairy

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of gourds. This creation by Etsy artist GourdFairie. Click the title to go to her store. I was traveling around Etsy world last night collecting items for my next treasury and this wonderful woman popped up! I think she is absolutely wonderful and although not very experienced with gourd art I can see where the creativity flows using nature's own to create with gourds. Please check out her shop its really unique and wonderful!
Here is a little from her profile page.
" Thank you for taking a look. You might get a little fairy dust on you, but its all part of the magic. I'm working on numbered series of fairy cottages. Each comes with it's own Certificate of Authenticity. Enjoy the magic!

Each of my fairy cottages has a carved detail shingle style "roof" and includes at least one original twig furniture piece created by me especially for it. The tops can alternate from original gourd stems, to metal or porcelain or glass drawer knobs...whatever gives it just the right feel. If it strikes me as perfect without one, that's the way it is left. No two cottages can ever be the exactly the same.

My other gourd art is created from the magic of the gourds themselves.

I've been doing some kind of craft all my life. Sketching with charcoal as a child earned me the use of my Mother's desktop easel, of which I am now the proud owner. I've traveled on roadtrips to all but two states on the mainland, flew to Oahu, crossed Canada and have been down to Mexico.

On most trips, where legal, ziplock bags and plastic containers outweigh luggage room. Collecting natural and rusty material on roadsides and in non-park woodlands is part of my road adventures. These I try to incorporate into my gourd art.

Please visit my website to read my Artist Statement and view my other gourd "kreations".


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