Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Girl w Her Doll Family on Front Steps Collage Mixed Media Vintage Photo Print

This is the latest creation of mixing glass negative with fabric and it has an interesting and unique look. The glass neg that this photo came from didn't have a head on the girl, well she had a head but didn't have any clarity. So I photoshopped in another image of a girl from a wonderful glass neg that I will list today in my main store on etsy. A family of girls with one boy, be sure to check it out. I had so much fun with this one and heh that is what its about, an enjoyable artistic experience and for me trying something new.. I have done this before and will do it again with tintypes but never with regular photos as if an image stands alone it doesn't need a thing added such as the case of the family of girls with one boy that this girl's head came from. I used samples of fabric to photoshop into this one giving it an almost 3D look.. I made a print for a good customer and she will get it tomorrow and hope she will enjoy it!
She is a doll collector and knew right away the Indian doll was called an Hookam Doll. Hope I got that spelling right. Well winter is starting to creep into Sedona, although I must torture you with the fact I wore short sleeves to the post office walk yesterday and it felt warm, but also felt like the last day to go without a sweater... today is sunny and nice but I see those clouds coming in.
Tomorrow starts a week sale in the store of 20% off all prints in my main Clancy's Classics store as a member of the Etsy bloggers so look here tomorrow for a banner that will give you a link to all the great stores participating in that sale!!! Don't miss it, lots of wonderful items to buy for Christmas and very reasonable and of course..hand made!!

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Sandra said...

Hi Marianne, This photo is a true work of art and a real treasure. It is a dreamland of Dolls for the doll collector to look at and admire. What an eclectic mix of precious dolls from long ago. A lucky little girl indeed. I can't wait to receive it in the mail. Happy Thanksgiving, my favorite time of year. Blessings, Sandra

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