Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Keeping Busy by Joanna

This photo has a bee--doing its thing--keeping busy, oblivious to any and all fulfilling its nature to collect and return to the hive for its queen. A willing participant in this endeavor is the flower as she offers up her nectar for this wonderful nature's dance. My symbol is the bee as I consider that insect the most industrious and wonderful creature on the planet. Without it we would not have honey, flowers or many fruits. This photo was taken by a lady named Joanna and her work is so in tune with nature and my vision that I am proud to introduce her on this blog. All of her work has a natural feel to it, no garish color--just wonderful soft ethereal hues. Please check out her store for more!
There is another photo similar that is entitled "looking up", and I was torn between that one and this one because today I feel that things are truly looking up after the election last night. I was joyful and proud and most of all renewed with hope--hope for our future, something I didn't have 2 days ago but now, that slim thread exists for us all in the hope of a new leader, one who might turn the tide and put us back on a course to love and to a more natural state of existing with the world. I know, I know..tall order... But I can dream can't I? And with that dream along with millions of others maybe our hopes and prayers can be answered as a collective will... we will all wait to see.
Here is Joanna's bio.. I HOPE you go see her photos, they are so nice!!!
"Ever since the first camera I got to hold in my hands I thought about it as a magic device.
It still is for me. The ability to freeze a moment. Chance to capture something that is so many times so close, but so often unnoticed.

The choice of photographic subject is infrequently set up. More often I just go with my camera and stop when I have noticed something that is attracting my attention. I like to take a stroll through the neighborhood and find interesting flowers, plants, forms and shapes in gardens I am passing by.

It all started so simply- the art of taking pictures of flowers. Since than I have discovered different photographic techniques, many options that the equipment can offer and so many ways of transforming original file into the final image that shows exactly what I was trying to point to in the first place. Very often I use specific color scheme to place stress on the part that I would like to show the most. The nature itself is the most inspiring to me. I like to take a look at things I can find around me and show it with stress on different that usual part. I like to experiment with colors, trying various approaches. My favorite tones are brown, green, grey and those most of the time found in my work."


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this lovely article about my photography!

Cindy said...

That is a lovely shot! I found this through twitter from joanna posting it! Enjoy your day!

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