Friday, November 7, 2008

Still Life-FOTOgraphicART

There is something really appealing to being able to find a scene such as this just sitting there for a photographer to come upon but that could be like finding a needle in a haystack..near impossible. I find this kind of photo set up very appealing and almost like a doll house miniature with everything just the way we would imagine it. It's like a painting done with objects. Many painters did this when cameras first came out to have a reference to their paintings and this harkens back to those days. Life made perfect.. just as we imagine it!
This artist has many different offerings photographically including some nice Amish images worth viewing. I lived with the Amish for 2 years in PA and these are scenes that never change despite our ever changing world around them. This photo Still life so reminds me of my time in Pennsylvania with the Amish where one fall I helped can 45 quarts of tomatoes and my housemate Bonnie insisted on stacking more and more on a shelf I knew would not hold and at one point the shelf broke in the middle of canning and at least 25 quarts exploded glass upon red tomatoes all over our hand hewd thick slab floor! What a mess...Now just a memory.. I buy my tomatoes canned at our local health food store..
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Heinz Richter said...

Thank you very much for featuring one of my photographs. It is gratifying to see that ones work is appreciated.
When creating this photograph, realism was foremost on my mind. It was important that the resulting photograph looked as real as possible, even though the entire set was put together in my studio. One thing that really works well is to use as many authentic items as possible. The creation of the set, the lighting, color and contrast control and finally photographing took in excess of six hours. But it was worth it if I do say so myself.

uniquecommodities said...

Welcome to the Etsyblogger team! If I can bo off assistance, please call on me!

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