Saturday, November 22, 2008

Painted Tintype Little Girl w Bird

I have just added this little gal to my new Clancy Paints store on Etsy. I worked on her for a few hours fixing little details and now she is ready to show. I like painting in a folk art type of style because it frees me up to be creative and not follow any layout or idea per se but rather to focus more on the color and paint. I actually added 2 new painted tintypes yesterday and want to list another of a spinster image that I painted but it is very different than the cute little girl and pretty women ones and more of a garish tight painting... well maybe I will list it just to throw some folks off track for awhile. I am so anxious to do more art but with holidays coming and gift giving and also my ebay store, often as we all know, our artistic desires are put on back burner. Moms know this one as we tend to do the chores and then do our own needs.. let alone art!
Maybe tomorrow I will take a few hours to do something new with the tins or with wax-- I set up the whole encaustic table and have yet to start, that is because once I start I won't stop. It is addicting! I did finish a piece of jewelry I started long ago and it turned out great.. its a gift for my youngest daughter, I wanted her to have something handmade this Christmas, not just things purchased. I remember when I would make all my gifts for Christmas, I found the time, it gave me such pleasure and it saved money. Now off to start the day. My word of advice, find time for yourself this holiday season. It's good for you!

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On a Whimsey said...

Loved your latest!

Enjoy your encaustics... I know what you mean, they are addictive! I have just been to Spain and have loads of ideas milling around in my mind. Let's see where the wax takes me!!


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