Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paris Girl in Pink and Blue Watercolor

Ok, so I am feeling a little French this week. I can't help myself. I have a friend who lives in the Beaujolais area of the French countryside and he is in PAris for the week and so I have thought about how fun it would be to go there and wear pink and walk around the Montmartre and the Louvre and all the Musee de PAris! This little watercolor was done while I was in Oregon on a vacation a few years ago, out of my head and really a form of relaxation as when I try to draw anything first or look at something that requires thinking and planning and although I am not afraid to do that I often enjoy painting out of my head. It certainly uses another side of my brain and also frees up the spirit to just be, "creative". This little gal is shopping and can almost not carry all of the wonderful things she bought. I also have just finished creating a treasury to go with this watercolor and it will be called"Putting on Pink for Paris". Soon to be displayed when the time is right.
I actually worked last night on another piece that is out of my head but a bit larger, its a Christmas gift for my 2 little grandaughters Ava and Miranda, who are almost 5 and 2 years old, for their bedroom. I will try to finish it soon and post it here when finished. I might even offer prints of it, but the original will go to them.
The wind is blowing and Rita is still sleeping. I think after hiking the Grand Canyon for 3 days and nights this week, for the first time, my 16 yr old is making up for a long needed rest. I always think I am going to sleep in on the weekend but really there is too much to do with Ebay and Etsy and treasuries and painting and dog walking and cleaning and cooking and shopping and writing emails and if lucky a little reading.... does this sound like your life too? I enjoy every minute of it. Have a wonderful Sunday. Our weather is in the low 70s in afternoon so I will wait until then to walk.. sorry, don't mean to make you jealous!
You might note that the above paragraph speaks to the brand new banner I put up yesterday.. it is about the balance of all of the things we love that make life so great!

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