Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pink Tulips by my Blue Door Photo Print

Ok Ok.. I know.. these are spring flowers and this is winter.. but I am guessing even though we have another--yes another sunny day here in Sedona AZ that some of you might be experiencing a bit of rain or dare I say it ..Snow!
Well this is meant to cheer you up and also I am opening a new store on Etsy where I sell whatever I want.. yes that is right.. art, photos, beeswax paintings, prints from art, original watercolors.. whatever I want.. I feel so free now. My original store sells mostly prints from my glass negatives and I wanted to seperate the two stores and have one be for art.. it is called Clancy Paints-thanks for the title from sister Sharon.
Please click on the store now and again to see what I am listing. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Hope this pot of tulips cheers you right up or adds just a little brightness to your day!

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Jo Bradford said...

good luck with your new shop!!

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