Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leaves and Acorns Child's Wool Hat by Bridget Clancy

I was the first person to leave the Sedona Voting Place this morning-the sun was not out and the splattering of little clouds were just starting to be visible. Pink and yellow came into view and as I got into my car the air was crisp and cool. I felt I had been part of something bigger than anyone on the planet.. American pride and responsibility. This is of course leading to the image above .. for on these cold mornings what do we need?...a creation by Bridget Clancy on Etsy!

Bridget works as a delivery nurse, tends to 2 small children and keeps her house working like a top! In her "spare" time she has been busy like an elf.. creating upcycled winter hats for these soon to be very cold mornings, for children, out of the greatest sweaters making one of a kind original hats and other items to keep kids and dogs warm.. yes, she also makes little cute coats and sweaters for dogs.. the little ones.

Yes voting is important, but keeping your kids and dogs warm this winter will also be important and if you want to share in the environmental movement to re-use and re-new in style.. then Bridget Clancy's Etsy store is where you should go!
Please click on the title to take you to her store. .. and please vote.. it's your duty and privledge!


Sandy Mastroni said...

what a cute little girl
great hat .... looks warm

Sandra said...

I love the hat. Adorable Model too! Great photo.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I want it! And boy, do we need it here, it gets really cold in Edmonton!

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