Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Peachy Flower by Suehelen

I love dahlias and this one is no exception. The artist Suehelen has a talent and a vision that we all can appreciate. Her Etsy store is a serene spot you can wander through with her vision and tone making you feel completely at ease and relaxed. This subtle image has detail and wonderful color and many of her images are ones I have favored to use as treasuries when the color time is ready.. I hope you will visit her store and by clicking on the title you will be taken to her store.
Here is what Suehelen has as a profile in her store:
My name is Suehelen and my favorite hobby is photography. Flowers are my subject of choice and I especially love those with the dew of morning or just after a gentle rain.

I was asked how I came up with my shop name - A Gift of Grace. Well, the answer is threefold.

1) Grace is my middle name. I think 'A Gift of Grace' sounds better than 'A Gift of Suehelen'. What do you think?

2) Grace was my Mom's first name and she was the one that brought hobbies and crafting into my life. Thanks Mom!

3) I believe that everything I have is a gift of grace from God. This includes the enjoyment of photography.
I think this sums up her beautiful vision and I hope to see photos from her on and on!

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