Wednesday, October 29, 2008

White and Red Pomegranates-Encaustic Beeswax Painting

This is an encaustic painting that is 8.5X11 and was done with a plate of fresh pomegranates sitting in front of me. I taught myself how to paint encaustic after a visit down to San Jose Del Cabo one year to see my daughter and grandkids. Next to my daughter's restaurant Fandango was a wonderful little art gallery that carried just the latest and greatest artwork fresh from Los Angeles and one of the artists she carried was an encaustic painter that did realism. Most artist do not do realistic encaustic as it is very time consuming but I knew what I wanted to create the minute I smelled that wonderful melting beeswax for the first time and it was not abstract art... that is not to say that I don't love abstract for what it is but for me it's always been about realism and the photographic medium and most my art except for my illustration has stayed along those lines.. This was particularly difficult because the red kept melting into the lighter tones.. but I faced the challenge and eventually figured a way around it.
I love to drink and eat the pomegranate but beware of the deadly stain it leaves. I bet women of old used the juice of pom to tint their lips and cheeks... maybe.
I think this time of year is when the pomegranates start to hit the stores and we can decorate and eat them and admire them for their beauty as well... this red fruit is a many splendid thing!!

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!

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