Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Black Cat Fake Cupcakes Faux Food Decorations

Ok its almost halloween and as we get closer the word SWEET and CANDY is always being floated around as well as black cat and pumpkins and cider and candied apples..
These wonderful faux food cupcakes look good enough to eat. I admit.. I have always had a slightly perverse attaraction to fake food. I remember walking through downtown Portland about 25 years ago with my camera looking for interesting things to snap and I stopped in front of a Sushi restaurant that's front window was completely filled with faux sushi and other wonderful items all made from molded plastic. I think we have come a long way in the faux food biz. This person who makes her most wonderful faux food not only has the nicest looking fakes but also knows how to photograph them to make them almost... good enough to eat!
Click the photo to go to her Etsy website to see her other wonders. And to all who are getting into the mood for the scaries coming this week... have a boo!tiful time!

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