Monday, October 27, 2008

Specimen 8. Dragonfly/Octopus on the Ingoldsby Legends

This original silkscreen is one of many fanciful if not slightly surreal images made by a store/company called wondercabinet on Etsy. I find myself drawn back again and again to look at the pieces as it isn't just the images that I enjoy but the combinations of the ink on the paper over the book pages. I could see myself wallpapering an entire room with these images and never tiring of it. I don't suppose Jules Verne would disapprove in the least.
After spending the last 4 days with my daughter Rita trying to figure out the silkscreen photo process using photo emulsion from 5 years ago left in a 200 degree garage for 4 years and then getting a sunlight -then black light- and now at the late hour she has washed the old unusable emulsion off the screen and is painting in the resist by hand so that all her cross country team will be able to wear the t-shirts she designed -this weekend for the regional meet. They argued over the slogan for 3 days- and now with a finalized slogan the black light our last attempt...didn't work- and of course in this one horse town there is no one to do silkscreen for any price! not that I could pay any price.
So I have a certain new found appreciation and continued love of silkscreen, not my first, or even recent artform conquered.. but guaranteed to be tried in the future..
Please click on the dragonfly octopus to be taken to the wondercabinet store and treat yourself to a menu of wonderful delights...
her bio from her etsy profile:
If it involves cutting, pasting, painting, collecting, organizing, hoarding, glueing, arranging, obsessing, tasting, listening, pilfering, filling, pouring, resisting,
protesting, tearing, sewing, pretending, peeking, hiding, or constructing altered realities, I'm into it.
I am an artist living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I do a lot of sculpture and installation work, and I make prints, drawings and paintings in between the sculpture exhibition deadlines.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a beautiful piece. I checked out her shop and it is wonderful.
Sorry to her about the t-shirts. It is always a drag when you put so much effort into something and it doesn't work out.

Take care,


marianne said...

the tee shirts are half done, Rita did the resist method and this morning we were squeeging black ink on 12 of 21 t's, tonite is part two the back of shirts.. what a process. but learning experience for us both!!

Jo Bradford said...

wow - thanks for the introduction to yet another amazing etsy artist. hope you are well marianne. xx

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