Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tiger Lily

This is a tiger lily that I took several years ago from the garden and then printed it out onto canvas paper and painted over the entire image with acrylic paint. I sold the image so I no longer have the actual painting but the photo is somewhere in some dvd that I compiled all the past artwork on. I wanted to share this because the color is so wonderful for fall and I know that some lillies are still blooming at this time. I really want to do more of the painted photos on canvas and have got to force myself to work less and art more.. fall tends to make me feel creative and I think it hits us all about now.. our Sedona air turned cold and Rita just took Blue down to the little space we call "the willow tree" to play with the tennis ball. She had mittens on.. does that tell you anything?
Not alot was accomplished today but a good walk and some shopping and clothes folding and cleaning... I keep saying I will devote a little time each day to something creative and it keeps showing as this blog but that is fine for me.. I also got the counter in at the bottom so that is a little something that Rita helped with as I cannot do the html very well and she is a whizz... teens just know these things. So today was more about doing not much and not cooking and relaxing after that long day yesterday... hope you enjoy this painted photo.

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Sheila said...

I love this photo-painting! you are so talented and I love your blog. It is so much fun!

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