Friday, October 24, 2008

HARLEQUIN HOLIDAYS-Sasha doll and outfit

My sister Sharon like other sisters and mother in the family are really addicted to the creative process. Sharon could be the one that we would all say has the ability to make the most beautiful doll clothes, a gorgeous necklace and really quite talented and capable at painting beautiful folk art. Let's focus on one thing here. The doll clothes which of late have really been getting creative and wonderful! This is one of many that I keep saying is my favorite... how can you have a favorite when each new one is sweeter than the next. Sharon sells her Sasha doll dresses on Ebay and is doing nicely with this business and just this week sold one for a very very nice price which made us both scream! as we watched it end the auction at a wonderful, and might I say, well deserved, price! I could go on and on here about how she makes these dresses and the fabric she collects and her personal business history as owner and designer of one of the most popular and beautiful of children's clothing companies during the 90s.(Wee Clancy). I know and so do all of my siblings as our little girls were always adorned in her Wee Clancy dresses and velvet capes and on and on...
It is so fun to check back to her store on Ebay and see what she has come up with this week... please visit her store and read her descriptions... if you don't have a Sasha doll you will want one... just so you can dress her in Sharon's wonderful creations.... click the photo to go to her store!


sharon clancy said...

Wow, this is so nice of you Marianne, I really appreciate this, you are too sweet! Your blog is looking great too!

sharonclancydesigns said...

Marianne, I just read what you posted about me. That is so nice of you, I am touched. You should talk about talent! You have it coming out of your ears! Thanks again, that was super shweet of you. Love, Sharon

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