Friday, October 17, 2008

Dad's Flower Painting

This is a painting of a vase of flowers done by my father. We in our family know that both our parents not only were able to raise 11 children but also managed to both express their creative sides thus giving many of the children a sense that they too could do anything they desired. This painting is from a photo that a friend in France sent to me who is a wonderful if not marvelous photographer, and although I feel that many in our family are decent photographer's my dad knew that my friend possessed that rare quality of truly capturing an image not just taking it! So he has over and over painted photos that my friend has sent to me that I passed through emails to my dad. This is his latest. I believe it is in oils as that is what he has worked with lately. Dad is almost obsessed with creating, he always also has some carpenter project or garden project to accomplish when the weather is good. He golfs twice a week at least with my brother Mike and really has shown me that when you retire.. you never retire if you are creative and driven as he is.. but maybe that is what retire is all about... Hat's off dad, you are the artist of the day, week, month and year! I love your work and you!!
Now my mom is yet another on the go person who is either knitting, sewing or baking, also having time to read books, newspapers and cook up the most creative jams, and deserts and dinners. In our younger years in her spare time from taking care of 11 children she would can fruit and vegetables, and keep us all in wonderful hand made clothing. Yes I think I know where all of the siblings and myself acquired the need to create and keep on the move....hat's off to mom too! and so the story goes....


Melissa said...

How fortunate to be raised in a home with artists at the helm. Lovely!

Sheila said...

Great Job on this one as usual! love the bold background!


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