Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cinder and Smoke

I would like to introduce you to a young, but wise, photographer from over the sea in Wales. His name is Duncan Binet-Fauvel.
I have always been a detail person in photo and art and when I caught a glimpse of his work on Etsy I was so excited! He speaks with his photos. These are not ordinary snapshot images but rather a journey that involves really seeing and then going back and looking again.
With the vintage photos that I sell online I spend alot of time enlarging the image and looking into the shadows and corners to see what I can find. What mystery lurks there. Very often it reveals itself with the lightening tool or just the magnifier. Duncan's photos are the same. I can see that not only detail but color also matters and in those two elements lie his mystery. please click the photo to be taken to his store for more of his photographic pieces. I hope to see his other work in the future and journey once again to the outposts within the landscapes of this portion of his world.


Sandra said...

Hi Marianne, your blog is fantastic. you have such a variety of photos and interesting topics to share with us all. Thank You for sharing your finds and the other artists that you admire. You have great taste. Sandra

Sheila said...

This is wonderful photography and fun to read about!


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