Tuesday, October 14, 2008

on the farm with cat and trike

this is an image that I recieved in a photo album today that I got online. It is a trimmed cabinet card and I photoshopped the frame from another tintype as this is a tintype frame but I like it on this image. The trike is missing a seat and looks like it has seen better days. the little boy wears a boler hat , holds his large cat with love and has ripped knees in the pants and the girl has both toe areas of the shoes split open as if they were well played in by someone before her. It is dated late 1890s but could be earlier as there were several images in the album dated mid 1860s. I was going to sell it but just couldn't.. too sweet. Always remember in these blogs if you want to see the image larger, just click on it.

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Sandra said...

This is so sweet. It really captures the essence of the time long ago. I can see why you kept this one. A treasure. Sandra

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