Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tristan Little Artist

Here is a photo of my grandson Tristan while on a visit to Mexico about 5 years ago. He was 4 in this photo and is now 8! I never get enough of my grandkids and Tristan has always shown the most interest in art, even when very small he would always ask for "art supplies" when asked what I should bring down to San Jose del Cabo for the visits. There was so much time to do art with him and I usually hauled watercolors, colored pencils and paper and scissors and glue and we even did collage. Still, to this day Tristan is creating art in journals, filling them with incredible drawings of abstract, line art of family, and even a fabulous ink drawing he did of a myriad of different heads that was so great his mom framed it. Now I have been promised some original art or at least copies of some from his latest "work" at a very upscale art school in Eugene Oregon called Maude Kerns, which he was fortunate enough to attend this summer while I was there. He came back the first day and said he was the only boy in a class of 14 girls but he stuck it out and attended all day long for 5 long days. This would have been difficult for most boys as even Tristan is an ace soccer player who is on 2 different leagues after school and has consistantly played with kids at least 3 years older than him despite his small stature and age. Do I sound like a bragging grandma... well I am. This is not to say the other 3 are not equally talented and beautiful.. just wait until I get some good photos of them to post.. you will see. I am very interested in children and their art and hope to sponsor a children's art contest this coming spring with a prize of art supplies for the winner, and a certificate for all who send in an entry via the web. Keep checking back as this is something that will happen on this site.
For now enjoy your kids and grandkids and please put art supplies in front of them sometimes instead of the TV or computer... it is a balancing act and one that you as a parent or grandparent will reap the rewards from some day.. and don't just place the supplies.. sit down and do some art with them.. I cannot wait to see what Tristan will continue to create. He has had lots of support from his mom and family to continue to do his art.


Walrus Tusk said...

Fantastic photograph! Love it!

Jo Bradford said...

I love having my friends youngsters over to my studipo for paint and pastel days - they love it and frankly, I love it more xx

sharon clancy said...

What a doll, he is so darn cute and talented. You must be so proud.

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