Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat Black Cat Ttv photograph by James Spicer

HAppy Halloween! Ok I admit it.. I keep going back to this fellow's etsy site and looking at his photos. I love the feel and the subject matter and especially feel myself transforming into Robert Duvall's twilight zone episode where he keeps going back to the museum because they have a doll house on display, and there is a woman inside the doll house he likes and he keeps imagining he will go into the house and be small and live with her. Well. I am not going to slip through this dimension into the one that James SPicer's photos are in but while I am looking at them I often feel I could. Please visit his Etsy store and see more... I featured one of his photos in a treasury this week and hope you all get to see it before it disapppears.. I think its one of my best.
Here is how James describes his photos: "Original photograph by James Spicer. This is from my TTV (Through the Viewfinder) series which gives the photograph a soft, dusty, vintage feel. The flecks, scratches, and black border add to the charm."
here's the treasury.. quick before its too late... I will make a post of it on this blog later today.. but it will be smaller...
go and click and leave a comment! thanks and have a wonderful boo tiful scary halloween!

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