Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Women w Long Hair From the back Unidentified photographer Tintype

This is a tintype from an exhibit currently at the ICP International Center for Photography in New YOrk where the exhibit is now of tintypes in AMerica. I purchased the catalogue that accompanies the exhibit and am not sorry that I did. I have lately gone back to painting over the tinypes and find although difficult due to the small size that there is real satisfaction in taking one art form and transforming it into another. Some would say I am ruining the original image. I try to stay as true to the orignal as possible. Also I paint with acrylic and if need be the entire thing would rinse right off as it is painted on a metal surface. It probably should be sealed with a plastic and could be but for now they remain the way I finish them and that is just with acrylic.
I reccommend clicking the title link to go see these amazing tintypes.. This art form of photography really has some incredible images. I have always loved them and there is an abundance if you want to be a collector!

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Katy Koskela said...

ust to let you know, the title link no longer works. Ran across the credit to you for this picture on another website, http://www.retronaut.co/2011/12/early-photographs-of-womens-hair/.


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