Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby in Winter Sleigh w Dog Fine Art Photograph

Winter and snow are here for many of us. Children and their parents will be sledding, tobogganing and ice skating around those parts of the country where snow happens. For us in Sedona we would have to drive to get to the snow so that isn't happening today or any time soon.
I wanted to share an image from my glass negative collection that I made of this baby and her dog out in the snow on a home in Vermont.. yes the negative was fortunately labeled when I recieved it. This is a cyanotype photo made by coating a piece of paper with a sun sensitive solution and then placing the large negative on the paper and leaving it int the sun for about 15 minutes, then rinsing the paper and drying. It is the pre coating in the dark that makes this process difficult as you cannot see where you are coating the paper and sometimes the results are iffy. this one was good luck and the paper had a wonderful even coating of the solution.
Enjoy your snow folks as you could be stuck in a town like Sedona with nothing but bright blue skies and sunshine. We may still get snow.. it is cold enough for it!!
Click on the title to go to my etsy store to see the image bigger by clicking the little magnifier under the photo. Enjoy your Sunday!

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