Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just another way to paint photos!

These are two examples I came across in a photo album I was dismantling for sales on ebay. I couldn't help but show these as before the Marshall company sold their photo paints for the average photographer and family picture taker, folks would desperately attempt to color their photos with food dye. I am starting to like this look because it really is the most simplistic way to tint the images but yet retains a garish look one that nowdays might even seem artistic!
At any rate this is my post after a long and many handmadeitems for family later and I, for one, am thrilled it is over. And every year I say the same thing.. not many appreciate the handmade things and go out and get a bar of soap or a dishtowel or things that they know you will use vs a small attempt to make something by hand. I am not here, patting myself on the back... my handmades are strictly a selfish thing as I truely get a kick out of proving that not everything that is a gift has to be bought. But then I realize that I spent all that time making things and would anyone really notice... so next year everyone is getting a calendar. I did get a wonderful calendar this year from a dear artist friend and it is Charlie Harper... if you don't know who he is I suggest you google his name asto me he was truely a unique piece of Americana artistry and his prints/serigraphs are very valuable now.
So here we go into the new year.. lets see what awaits us all.. hopefully a better economy and health care for all, less poison in the air and better water , and while I am moaning can we please pay our teachers a decent salary so we can demand that they teach our children what they will need to compete in the future markets as the Chinese and other Euro countries are already doing that while our schools slowly attempt to catch up. I guess if we didn't allow them so much time on the computer games they might read a good book.. its all a balance I think... one I am working on myself. So that might be the theme for next year.. a balance of ideas, art, work and play... lets see what comes our way!

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