Saturday, December 20, 2008

Polaroid Transfer Vogue Gal w Camera

Here is the new banner image for my shop on etsy.. I went from a mom and daughter w parasol on the steps to this rather mod version of a 50s fashion gal holding a rollieflex camera. I had some suggestion from sister sharon about this and although I had another rather all american idea she thought that it might be a better image because of the camera. I took some artistic license to change the scarf and tones and made it my own look with roses from another polaroid transfer I did awhile back. I love the color and the sharp blacks and the blue where the emulsion peeled away when I was making the transfer. You can try to fake the transfer look but one that is actually made with the process of peeling away the emulsion gives a unmistakable look that takes some genius to invent. I feel excited about a new page online I found where you can put different backgrounds or screens on the photos to make them look old and like you are looking through a viewfinder with the rounded edge. check my store for the photos of the Sedona barn and the pepsi sign as I used filters I created on these 2 images and it looks great!
I am having fun with these images and hope that people will realize I am not just an antique image of kids with a goat or a girl with a doll, but I still love the clean and pure imagery of those glass negs. It is just I feel I have been depriving myself of the toys of the trade for too long and it is time to give myself some time to have fun with them. Heh I used to teach photoshop so I can't let others get ahead on the tools discovery dept. no way! So let me know what you think of my new banner in the store or the new polaroids I am listing.. or anything.. how is your season going... let me know... until then..Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

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