Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New French Collage by Moi!

This is a collage created during a time that i was forced to go on prednisone for a week. I really had never done a collage this big. It is 24"X36". I had a great time collecting and assembling the various pieces and then glueing them to a canvas and then painting over it and then putting several layers of clear gloss acrylic to preserve all the pieces.. It has held up pretty well over the years and I always like to go in and look up close at all the wonderful connective details involved in collage. It really is more of a piece of work on the creative soul than the brain as this took very minimal planning and really just created itself as it went along. I honestly think I finished this in 2 days time.. prednisone is deadly but really great for getting alot done.. I haven't taken it since and it took a week for my body to relax after all the things I did with it but I have 2 large great collages that I know would never have been created had I not had to take that medicine. Look for a section of this collage that I am offering in photopaint store as a print... the can can girl.. click the link to go and see it there.

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