Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Old Fashioned Christmas Tree w Gifts Tinted Photo from a Glass Negative

Well, after my birthday on sunday I am heading toward Christmas and wanted to share a little photo I tinted of an old fashioned Christmas tree and the gifts underneath that awaited the lucky child when they awoke. This is cropped from a larger glass neg image but this really is the interest and so i decided to take the liberty to crop out the top of the tree. Note that parents put burning candles on the tree before elctricity and also the little toy trumpet and other wonders on the tree. This year I decided to have only little lights and popcorn on my tree so we could keep it simple and really enjoy the tree. I find I am getting less and less interested in weighting down the tree with heavy ornaments and more about the tree.. I think eventually it will be tree only but somehow I cannot seem to get away from those twinkling lights.
They are predicting snow but so far its only rain. I know many have snow now and really I think it would look good on the mountains here and after dawn breaks there might be some up there, but down on the ground is just water. I hope as the next 10 days go by we all settle into a little relaxation mode. This is when we would be hibernating if we were in a cave.. ok so hibernate in your home!
Enjoy, peace and love and good will to all men and women and children!

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Sandra said...

Hi Marianne, Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house. This photo really makes you feel like it is Christmas Eve. I just love the mood it evokes. I wish I was getting that doll for Christmas. Thanks for sharing. Sandra

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