Monday, December 1, 2008

Dancing Crane, 5x5 Fine Art Photographic Print by BarbaraCarter

Wow.. is what I said when I found this lady's website on Etsy! Wow. All of her work speaks to me on many levels. After reading her profile I realized how close in mood and style my ideas and art dreams were to what she was doing in her work. I love the tone, mood and color of her compositions and her creative and technical skills are unmatched as far as I am concerned. I want to collect her work and have it as large as possible on the wall... if I only had more room in this little condo!
All I can say is that you must check out her site.. by clicking the title.. and see if you are not totally moved and thrilled by her imagery and style of photography/art.
I now want to go to Santa Fe. Sedona is nice but I am sure I am missing something by not having gone there, not to mention I keep finding photographers I love who live there... is something calling me?
Here is Barbara's profile.. enjoy her wonderful imagery!

Santa Fe, New Mexico, where my home, studio and gallery reside, is a stimulating art environment. Here I developed my signature style from an exploration of alternative photographic processes and digital image manipulation. Initially I was attracted to the Polaroid transfer process because it creates a particular mood and texture, an impression rather than a literal expression. However, the original transfers are fugitive and UV sprays do little to increase their longevity. So I started scanning the transfers. Once they were digital files, not only could I create permanent images on archival materials, but I found I could also transform the images, adding more detail in some areas, more softness in others, and work with saturation and hue in very specific ways. I could also add elements, such as a cat in the window or fog rolling over hills. I then began compositing my images from multiple captures, bringing together a sky, a background, and various foreground elements, working more as a painter from the images in my imagination.

My style is painterly (called pictorial in the history of photography) and often at an exhibition I will be asked if it is watercolor or pastel. My themes are pastoral for the most part, the peaceful coexistence of human and nature. My material is drawn from New Mexico, Italy (particularly the region south of Siena), Ireland, France, and most recently, China.


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