Thursday, June 25, 2009

show and tell~my first prize of summer oh gladiola!

Summer is half over. So far so good. I get letters and read about gardening and long for my hands in the soil. I planted gladiola bulbs in May and now they have finally bloomed in my back yard clay pots. They have to be watered every day but then so does my tomato plants so the hose goes no matter what.
I chose a bright orange yellow as the color is brilliant and bold and reminds me of what summer is and should be, filled with color and life! I photographed this flower on a piece of Italian lace and also in front of my back yard storage room's blue door and I think this works nicely as the opposite color brings out the best.
Today I have an early start. After sitting through 6 hours of John Adams in the past 2 days for Rita's history credit I have a new appreciation for our country's earliest forefathers and what they went through to give this country independence and freedom from Europe.
I recommend the HBO series as the acting is marvelous and the characters and make up were really spot on. I had to put my MI5 series on hold for this but was glad to do so.
I should be reading a book but after working 12 hours a day it often seems impossible without falling asleep.
I am going to take the car in for a tune up and oil change to my friendly neighborhood car dealer who has kept my old volvo running like a top all these years. Then cross the street and while car is fixed get my hair done. I love my hairdresser Chanel. She is the prettiest and sweetest person I have met in this town and I told my sister Sharon about her and now we both go regularly to her. She is 25 and from a family who has never eaten meat and drank her grandma's goat milk and fresh chicken eggs growing up in Cottonwood, down the road past the desert for 20 miles. She has a beauty baby named Coco. Sharon and I both think she has everything to be a movie star. I will eventually take her photo before I leave Sedona as I want to remember her.

Rita is chipping away at her homework for the summer and soon we will be going to Seattle to the family reunion. After watching that John Adams special I feel that as Americans we move so far from our roots,our homes. IT makes us a nation of wanderers, looking for some pie in the sky when it was our home all along we were looking for. I almost wish I had been born back east in some small new england town. But then I still would have had to roam west as it was in my blood and somehow at 14 I knew I would never live in Michigan once I left. I just felt the WEst call me. Maybe that is how these migrations take place. Something calls us.

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Julie Magers Soulen said...

Beautiful summer shot of a glad! Love the color!

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