Monday, June 29, 2009

PAletas~ and the Front page! Etsy!!


I was out walking the dog. I didn't really have the motivation, it was 9 am and already about 90 degrees outside. I immediately saw Elsie. She is 85 and walks Otis a long hair chihuahua that jumps in the air up and down when he sees my big black lab, Blue. We chatted about the heat and went our separate ways.
I walked through the park and surprised to see one couple and their baby and child under the covered swings playing with the kids. We walked on and for 30 minutes more braved the broiling sun looking for any chance of shade but alas it had gone.
With only a few more blocks to go I got a call on my cell from Rita, "guess who's on the Front PAge.. mom you are!" that was a good call, it gave me the strength to talk to her for a few more minutes and head home. It was a nice front page too and I was happy for the half our of fame I could give for those folks including Rita who has been working very hard building treasuries and trying to get her store looking better.
Well the end of the month has finally come and soon we head into July, the next wonderful summer month where we should get some monsoon rains.
Lastly I want to add my latest new addiction for the summer...
PAletas from the local mexican store that carries everything you might want or need but mostly every flavor of unique popsicle. Paletas - Mexican ice pops - include such flavors as mango con chile, cantaloupe, corn, chamoy, strawberry and rice. The handmade ice pops are based on flavors traditionally found in Mexico and can be water- or cream-based.
find a Mexican store in your area and try the many wonderful flavors.. honestly I am hooked! A refreshing way to savor the sweet and hot frozen treats of summer.
I borrowed this image from another site as it was the perfect image. Photographer Carlos Chavez from LA Times.


Corrie(berry Pie) said...

these look so yummy!
and thank you for your sweet words!

Gramma Joan said...

ooh! They look so good and so colorful. If they taste as good as they look they would be wonderful. Stay cool and keep blogging. I love it.Gramma Joan

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