Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Alan Aldridge~psychedlic art from 70s

I have a fascination with art & design blogs and while meandering through a few this morning I found and site with a piece on a wonderful man who was very much a part of the 70s art revolution. His art although fabulous and wonderful cannot be separated from this little audio piece that is given by Alan at the Dezeen exposition in October. He was the illustrator for Beatles albums and his story of meeting the Beatles and how he was first made into a designer at his young age by a man traveling door to door with a stereoscope with slides of alice in wonderland. He knocked at the door and said to his mother"6 pence.. for the boy mum..for the boy" if this peeks your interest, go listen to the short audio piece, you owe it to yourself. there is also a wonderful story about meeting the band "CREAM" whom we all knew and loved.
Here is the link, I am certainly glad I found it. Little treasures like these make blog diving one of my favorite things to do. LINK HERE


WolfeWoman said...

Thanks for bringing that to my attention- I thoroughly enjoyed looking at his art. Surrealism has always fascinated me.

dreamchild said...

Beatles artist Alan Aldridge did a stunning magazine cover Deepak Chopra's MYMAG check it on the home page MYMAG.com

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