Monday, June 8, 2009

Little Ellen Graduates High School-my oldest grandaughter

This is little Ellen. She is the teenager in the middle and the oldest of my grandchildren. She is very tall and very beautiful and a top drawer big sister. These are her two little sisters Miranda on left and AVa on right. This is to me one of my most priceless of photos. I love them all so much and to see Ellen reading for them just warms my heart.
Little Ellen was born on WAshington's birthday and has been a girl with so much personality and like a magnet she attracts people to her. She is smart and witty and like George, a born leader. She was named after my younger sister who was only one year older than my older daughter and a good friend to Ellen's mother(Sara). Thus we have always known her as little Ellen as my sister is big Ellen or as the neices and nephews call her bigellen all in one word.
Little Ellen towers over big Ellen so at family gatherings its always fun to see this.
Ellen graduates from high school this week and I am so so proud of her and all her wonderful accomplishments. She is an amazing cook, dancer and great big sister to these two girls and a brother Tristan(not in picture). I loved Ellen from the minute she was born and will always have a very big spot there for her. She is attending my alma mater, university of Oregon in the fall.
Congratulations Ellen! You did it!! and we are all soooo proud of you!!


twolefthands said...

I can see why you are so proud! What beautiful grandchildren you have! Good Luck Ellen!

brunococo said...

My congratulations as well! With her heritage, she is bound for great things!

Gramma Joan said...

Well "Gramma", you said it all so "Great-Gramma" will just second all those lovely sentiments. Even though I don`t get to see her very often doesn`t mean that I don`t love and admire her. Congratulations "Little Ellen". Looking forward to getting your picture. Love G.G. and G.P.

WolfeWoman said...

She looks so connected to the two little ones- I love seeing that quality in teen girls. She is beautiful inside and out.

Monica said...

What a lovely photo. You can tell how much they adore their big sister!

Many congrats to her!

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