Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Blue SKy Desert Day in Sedona

Here are a few shots while driving around down by red rock crossing in sedona last weekend. Could you ask for a nicer day? the temp was around 79 and that is perfect here with a slight breeze. I made a sandwhich and some fruit and got a drink at the park and we drove to the river and had a picnic with our dog Blue who was entertained by fetching sticks.. well almost, he's a lab but not really used to fetching sticks in the rushing river.

The first shot was at the river and the other two were taken out exploring another spot that Rita had gone to with friends before about 3 miles down the road in the last photo here was a swimming hole with a huge rope swing into the river but alas.. too many people and that is no fun for me. The state park was perfect. We got a spot on the beachy rocks with our quilt and stayed for an hour enjoying the day. I was happy I made us get out of the house and do that. It costs $8 to get in but was worth every penny~

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