Friday, June 26, 2009

An outing worth noting!

Yesterday with camera in hand off I went to leave the car at the repair shop and walk from there to get my hair cut. Along the way many wonderful colors spoke to me. Flowers are really in bloom now in the desert as this is the coolest summer for many many years and it keeps flowers who would otherwise be dead from the heat, blooming!
I found so many wonderful daisies and other unknowns and kept snapping away. My 10 minute walk turned into 25 after stopping every few feet.
I have so many I want to share but for now there are a few up in my Etsy store if you click here you will be taken to the store and the photo above to click on and see it a bit larger. Most of all I love this image as it reminds me that nature in its infinite complexity has designed that which no human could ever imagine an almost kaleidoscope of color and intricate woven infinite detail which even if we looked for hours- would never even have a true glimpse of it, in its smallest minutia. I am humbled by nature and in particular those wonderful flowers who always are able to fill my heart with joy!


brunococo said...

These photos take my breath away! The beauty of nature is what we always strive for, but never equal!

Gramma Joan said...


Gramma Joan said...

Hi Flower Lady, I love all of your beautiful photos and am seeing flowere that are brand new to me. Keep on Clicki9n!

Sigmosaics said...

what a wonderful walk you took yesterday! this is a beautiful photo as are the others in your etsy store .. super lovely post!

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