Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ruth Wall Summer 1915

Little Ruth Wall, standing outside of the garden beside her palatial home. She grips a wonderful toy sheep that was pulled by a string and had little metal wheels to move along. But for some reason Ruth must have truly loved this toy for more than a pull toy she has it so tenderly held in her arms. I was scanning images to list tomorrow and this one from a wonderful album from a family named Kahn, an architect who designed homes in Los Angeles in the teens and twenties had this little gal stuck into the album. Her name and date written into the photo's border as all of Mr Kahn's images were so meticulously labeled as a person such as an architect might do.
This one is especially nice and often I have a difficult time listing some items that I think I should keep for my own collection. But then I wouldn't be in business. I do love these long ago dreamy images of children, out of doors, with one toy or playing in the dirt with animals. It seems that it was a moment frozen in time where a child could be a child and have a special soft toy to hold until any age they decided to let it go.
This is so nice I had to share little Ruth Wall with the world.

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