Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ethel Smith~The double crosser~watercolor

This is a watercolor of a photograph that I came across awhile ago and it was an average small wallet sized photo but the back had in man's bad handwriting,"Ethel Smith, double crosser". You could tell he kept it the rest of his life, probably in the back of his wallet. Maybe even his first true love that broke his heart. I am not sure I did Ethel justice as she was a beautiful yet simple woman about 25 and with a look that many men might not be able to resist. A country gal that probably stood out from the crowd at bbq's and almost demanded the rest of the women be jealous of her. I found it touching too that this man kept the photo despite what she had done to his heart, because at one time she might have loved him and for that, he was glad.
I love the little stories one finds in old photos. They are there whether real or unreal, somehow I seem to hear the voices and imagine the stories they would tell if they could talk.
I would like to do more portraits and may list them.


Gramma Joan said...

What a lovely little painting and story. You have a "treasure trove" of material to inspire you to use your imagination and artistic talent to create such intriguing items.Good job!

Endless Sunner said...

What a romantic story! Your artwork reflects such wonderful stories.

sheila at shecological said...

maybe since your computer is down, you can spend some slow, quiet time painting! this painting reveals your true, long-standing talent as a painter! Do MORE ! such a great story too!

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