Monday, June 15, 2009

Pink Lincoln ~Desert Hotel~ Trip to Flagstaff Arizona

This past SAturday my daughter had to go to take the ACT college entrance exam at NAU(Northern Arizona University), again, and that gave me a good reason to go visit my sister Sheila and to go shopping. After coffee at the new and wonderful New Frontiers bakery/coffee/grocery store there Sheila offered to take me to "old town" Flagg., as the locals call it. There are many old buildings that have been left to wonderfully age without touching them. We walked for 45 minutes and I just snapped away. This Sierra Vista sign was completely washed out in the center and almost invisible and Sheila said,"you could color that in". Well, when I hear something like that I am truly challenged and at the same time inspired to bring back some life to something old, my favorite thing to do.
I have quite a few wall, sign and window photos I will share over the next week.
Basketball ended last night(ok, now what??)with yes... again.. Lakers winning the title. I was so so wanting Orlando to win but they lacked the will after the terrible loss last week.
I guess its on to the US Open soon and that is always fun.
The cactus flowers are in bloom now so today I will take my camera on my walk and snap a few to post. We have had the most unusual and welcomed month of perfect 70s weather here in the desert, usually its in the high 90s every day but lately we have had just a perfect summer.
I finished a watercolor I started which had been something I was staring at every day and soon will scan and post.
Have a wonderful week!


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Ooo, love the pink Lincoln. I have always wanted to go to Flagstaff and haven't managed it yet. Hmmm. Maybe this fall. Thanks for sharing your trip!

WolfeWoman said...

Oh, I love aging signs, too! I love reading your blog- its like getting a postcard from Az whenever you post- a great picture and story, too.

chickory said...

amazing flagg had the foresight to keep the old architectural monuments in tact and in decay. it beats the hell out of progress - i.e. walmart!! looking forward to the cactus flowers from your exotic land.

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