Sunday, August 2, 2009


DEMOCRACY vintage greeting card
I found this today while looking through one of my photo albums and made it into a greeting card. The year is 1920 and even back then teachers, you can see her in the middle with a star on her hat and standing above the girls in back, were encouraging children to be a participant in their country's holidays and politics. This is so cute.. I had to make it into a card. There are more letters than needed to spell this and some of the letters go the wrong way, making it even sweeter!
If you click on the link in the title you will be taken to my etsy store where it is listed. I added it as another Etsyprojectembrace so that people who buy it will be donating a portion to the Cancer Society in Laura Slocum's name.

Sunday is a wonderful day to do what you want.
Rita and I took an outing to the local Walgreens and Goodwill. Neither were exciting but then again there isn't much to do in 100 degree heat!

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