Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to School 1924 style

I wanted to try a little something different today. After looking at Rita's blog which she has spent a great deal of time creating animalgamalia, I decided to try a different approach to the layout. Not sure I will like it but will see how it looks when I am done with it. The boy who is all dapper in his wool suit and bow tie above with his school books in hand was a young man named Bobby Freeman from Pasadena, CA, 1924. He was the oldest of 5 children and also the only one to cause his mother any worry. He was driving their car at 14 and eventually sent off to a Toronto boarding school which was taught in the British fashion. I love this photo of him because from what I have learned of Bobby he was a bit of a rebel and also a very charasmatic young man. He traveled on a ship at a young age with his father to Alaska to a religious camp to minister to the native people there. His father was a minister of the largest church in Pasadena at the time. ALl the children were schooled in Montessori style schools to teach the children independence and it paid off for all of their children I am sure.

For myself growing up, August in Michigan meant a month left to have freedom and fun and not worry about school until after labor day. For my own daughter now she is reading her AP biology book in preparation of what will be a class that will require 3 hours of reading for only one class and as an incoming senior she will be having alot on her plate. There is the senior project, applications to colleges, letters of recommendation to the colleges, cross country running for which she has already started to train by running 4 miles a day, student council and her 4 other classes. This seems like alot to do but then preparing for college is not like any other preparation that a young teen will face for that is the big leap, one which will set their course. I want to start a mother's group for those who have seniors. Let us compare notes to see how we do, how our children manage and what little and big things we all face. I have mixed feelings but really they are all filled with hope. I hope our economy picks up. I hope that our country can get back on its feet. I hope they find a cure for cancer. I hope the sky will stay blue and the stars continue to shine down on us all. Fall approaches and although its 100 degrees in the desert I am really one who looks forward to cooler weather and hope it comes soon~

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