Friday, August 28, 2009

A Young Couple BAck in Time~ Friday already!

I admit I have neglected my dear ole blog. But then again so much is going on. I am working on both etsy and ebay full force. The dog is always begging for me to throw the ball and the phone is ringing alot with friends, family and today I had to do some photo washing in the sink, the photos are almost always stuck to the album with paste or glue and I don't like to sell them with scrapbook on back unless I have to. I just took a delicious tuna casserole out of the oven that I made with greek yogurt and breadcrumbs and parmesan on the top. I think I forgot the peas. Oh there will be no forgiveness for that one! But maybe the sweet yellow beets with vinegar and feta will help to heal that mistake.
I was going to put up a photo of Ted Kennedy but figured everyone had seen so many already.
I watched a special last night on the Kennedy family and really I was crying before it was over. I especially felt bad for Rose and Ethel Kennedy, the mother and wife of Bobby. Did you know Ethel was pregnant with their ninth child when Bobby was gunned down. Did you know also how hard it was on TEd with all the responsibility of the brother's wives and children under him. I feel that with the last Kennedy man dead of that generation that we have lost a good man and a good politician. I think he always stood up for those he believed in. Yes he made mistakes but heh what politician has not made some bad ones.
And considering the situation Ted was in, I think he pulled through very well.
So the end to a family that will often in history on into the future define a whole generation.
I recommend the film it was called"the ninth child" maybe because Ted was the 9th. Only his 81 yr old sister suvives. A farewell flag will fly for Ted Kennedy.

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Sandra said...

I feel so bad for Caroline. She looked to Ted as a father figure. Caroline has suffered so much. Prayers go out to the family. So sad, and yes, an end of of era.

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