Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday already~New Watercolor/gouache

This is a gouache/watercolor of two young women who have stopped on the side of a creek somewhere to pick herbs or wildflowers. One holds her apron or skirt for the other to put the flowers in. This is a gauche painting from a photo that really spoke to me. The tenderness of the act. The simplicity of the two walking along and maybe one man who was their friend snapped the photo. This was not a clear image but rather a dark one and I had little detail to work with. I am not unhappy with the results as it really does look like the image. I love the process of translating photos to a softer medium such as watercolor or gouache. The later is rather unforgiving and so I am a novice with the medium and hope to find its true nature soon.
I hope the weekend ahead will bring a wonderful sense of a new beginning as it is the new moon and I have put up a new treasury with that title on Etsy Treasury West.
For all you mom's who are readying your kids to start back to school soon, take them somewhere fun this weekend to celebrate the end of their summer.. and the beginning of your time without them, either sadly, or with a mixed sense.
I met one mother through Ebay who is sending her boy to kindergarten this next week for the first time. Her story was so poignant about how he was her only, late in life baby and how hard it will be to be away from him. I wrote and told her that it really doesn't get better because even though my daughter is 17 she is now driving and doing things that make me worry and miss her still. Sounds funny but its true. Everything in life has its moments of separation and for that mom as she said"there are not enough Kleenex's in the world to help on his first day away from me." I love that LOVE and just had to share it!
have a good one!!

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Gramma Joan said...

Very sweet Marianne, But as a mother of a "big bunch of children" the first day of school was the beginning of my "vacation"!I was so busy with the pre-schoolers I didn`t have time to miss the older ones but when the very last one went off to school I did get a little twinge I must admit. Very good thoughts today. Gramma Joan

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