Monday, August 17, 2009

Penny w Horn Rim glasses~ Monday

As many of you know, I am a seller of vintage photos on EBay. Hundreds upon hundreds of photos pass by my eyes and through my hands. I pick the ones I believe will have interest to my long and loyal customers and then list them with whatever information I have to go with them. This young girl was found in an album of high school chums with 30 or so "gem miniatures" on one page. I have named her Penny. She was a black and white photo and now I tinted it slightly to give it some charm. There is something so wonderful about this image. I cannot say what it is but I am certain she was a gal with lots of style and charm. I share it with you.

I have decided, along with my hand painted photos and vintage glass negative prints on Etsy, to start selling vintage photos in my store as well. If ever an interest comes along to need or want to collect a few, I am offering as many as I can each day.

So here comes Monday and for us in Sedona Arizona the skies are filled with smoke. Last night on the news they announced there are 9 fires right now. Just letting the dog out I could not breathe and he came in sneezing. He has bad allergies like myself. Funny how I got a dog like that. But thinking of Rita in cross country this afternoon running in 100 degree heat with fires burning is pretty bad. I am sure her coach will have the sense not to run them and to work out in the weight room instead.

My grandaughter is in Barcelona and this morning started day one of an intensive Spanish course. She was raised in Mexico in private schools and her high school years in Oregon so she is more than fluent in Spanish. I am so proud and thrilled for her. I hope she enjoys the next 3 weeks she will be there. Thank goodness for facebook.

I also wanted to say that I heard yesterday the fires in Bonny Doon, Santa Cruz, Calif are out of control so bad. The smoke in the area is also just horrible so if you can avoid that area do so. My sister who lives there, picked the perfect time to take a vacation to San Diego and I hope she and her family enjoy it there and that there are no fires.

Enjoy Monday and have a great fresh start to the week.

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Gramma Joan said...

Marianne, Love "penny" and her horn-rimmed glasses. She must have been a real "flapper" with that short hair-do.I love how you tell alittle story about some of your photos. Makes them more interesting! Gramma Joan

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