Saturday, August 29, 2009

SAturday August 30th~waiting for treasury to open

I decided to write a little bit while I wait for the treasury to open. I have been trying to do more creative things for myself instead of just working all the time. tonight I made the best dinner and wanted to share the recipe, I should have taken a photo but that will not happen as dinner is over.
I made slow cooked pork roast, small one in orange juice and cilantro and about 6 large tomatillos cut up. Cook for 4-5 hours and after 3 hours on low-medium heat break up the meat and do it again until it is completely torn apart. Keep the lid on the whole time until the last 1/2 hour.
Par cook an ear of white corn off the cob and add it to the following:
1/2 jalapeno chili raw minced
1/4 chopped red onion
1/2tomato chopped
lime juice from 1/2 of fresh lime
avocado perfect cut into cubes...too soft is not good
stir around and this is the salsa

Tortillas or corn tortillas warmed with some melted cheese and pinto or black beans. add the meat in chunks with some of the green sauce , throw the salsa over the top and if you are bold add a dash of sour cream and some shredded cabbage or lettuce. This is the best meal!
Here is the image above made into a gouache painting last night. (revamped original in previous post).I posted it on facebook as well.
I already have an idea for another I will attempt tonight. Now I really want to do some serious writing but when the time? If only a good Dictaphone were available for the MACs.


Gramma Joan said...

Hey Marianne, How do you accomplish so much and still manage all that "Gourmet" cooking? I say it`s because like me, you love good food! Am I right? Love the latest paintings. Gramma Joan

chickory said...

mmmmmm im coming over for dinner. i have about given up on etsy. a few months ago my shop ground to a complete and utter stop. no sales and very few hearts. it seems to be over for me. im bummed too as i get broker each day. gah! love the couple though. and your gouache paintings.

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