Monday, August 10, 2009

Koi Pond

here is a digitally altered image of Koi that I photographed in Hawaii and now have listed in my shop on Etsy. I had so much fun with this photo and am pretty happy with the results. I wanted to make the fish jump off the page with the color so I worked and reworked the tones.
Well it has finally come, tomorrow is the first day of school for Rita, a senior and I am very proud of her. She really has accomplished alot in her 4 years in academics and sports and honestly I could not have imagined it any other way for her.
Now last night she started her essay for the colleges and it will be a small task to accomplish the next phase of the year and that is finishing up all that needs to be done to graduate and move on to college.
Our weather has really cooled down alot, mornings are now in the high 70s and very nice for walking the dog. I am going further now that the heat has let up a bit although it still gets 99 in afternoons here but I will not complain as there is rain in many areas.
I guess summer is starting to wind down everywhere and that brings on Indian summer which the colors in the Koi pond remind me of. I miss terribly the leaves changing and look forward some day to returning to a place to see nature's painterly schemes in the fall.
I am reading a wonderful book that is called Shantaram by Gregory Roberts, a huge novel based on his life as an escaped convict who fleas New Zealand and ends up in Bombay. I am only 2 chapters in but every word is wonderful and I recommend it highly!


brunococo said...

Love the koi! Today is yesterday's tomorrow and Rita's first day as a senior is in the bag! Here's to a great year.......

Gramma Joan said...

That is a gorgeous photo Marianne, Sort of reminds me of a fall day in Michigan! The garden is winding down now and the fruit trees are just ready to be picked. Busy times ahead for me!Good luck to Rita in her final year of high school! Gramma Joan

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