Friday, July 31, 2009

tax collector~painted pottery

I have been slow on the uptake this summer, not wanting to blog much. I think with the intense heat we have there is a good excuse. I found this in an album and will be listing it on my ebay site but loved it so much I decided to post it here. Although it is not tax time for everyone, for some of us that pay quarterly, such as myself, it is tax time 4 times a year and one cherry on the icing in April. I loved this image so much and decided to do a gradient background. This was fun, selecting it with the magnetic tool and then running a high pass on the image. These young women were "out on a lark", as they used to say, running around town with their new Kodak, and taking photos wherever they please. This is a good one!
So today is the last day of July!phew! and I thought the summer would last forever, didn't you?
I for one had an enjoyable June and July and look forward to one more warm month. I just wish I didn't have to go to the dentist today!
I spent a couple days at a little barn/store and painted pottery this summer, for fun and for gifts. I highly recommend doing so with someone you love or by yourself. It was relaxing and rewarding as when the bowls I painted were fired it was so great to pick them up, wrap them and see the faces of those who received something"made by hand". I will return to our little local painting pottery place. Look for one in your neighborhood. You won't be sorry.

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