Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hazel from Dallas The Fruit Shed ~Sunday!

Introducing Hazel Smith from Dallas. I finished this last night while watching a superb historical movie called The Lost Prince about a royal child w epilepsy who was innocent and brilliant but forced to live apart from his family and created a beautiful garden and learned to play the trumpet. Please rent this. IT is excellent film although my copy from Netflix was damaged so try to get it from a video store if possible or even view online for free. The scenery, costumes and acting really were the best.
Hazel is this woman's true name and I did the painting from a gem miniature photo. I am fascinated by those gems and have found incredible sources from them for paintings. the detail is always good and they were usually printed from strips of glass plate negatives. I know this because I have a huge collection of them that I have not even so much as printed one as yet. Oh were does the time go. I really wish I had an assistant as I could so use one. Couldn't we all?
I guess that is a good thing to have so much to do and not enough time. The worse case would be so much time and nothing to do. Being my mother's daughter I do not forsee that day.
I want to congratulate my father as he won 2nd prize at the Port Angeles County Fair this weekend for a wonderful painting he did of an antique shed with wooden work table covered w vegetables and ball jars with light coming in the window. I do believe it should have won a first place but what do the judges know of truly fine art at the local fair.

Sorry, I entered enough of them to know this. It is a wonderful time of year with the county fairs going on and the expensive greasy food. Still its something of a tradition in America and hopefully it will always be. Enjoy your Sunday! Don't forget to take the trash and recycling out tonight(that is a message to myself)


Gramma Joan said...

Love Hazel`s picture. Very nice. Yes County Fairs are full of colors, sights,smells and sounds. A feast for the senses! Keep producing your art. That is food for the soul!

chickory said...

i think you mean "gouache" dont you? unless of course, you consider your painting "gauche" which im not clear on what that means but i think its not good.
hahahaha. i like the painting. and, id like to see your dads too. congratulations, dad!

Louise said...

Congratulations Dad! Yes, long live the County Fairs!

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