Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Words Where they come from & Where they GO into the Brain~illustration by Rita CLancy

This close up and illustration are both from the front and back cover of my daughter's watercolor and ink drawing for her high school's front and back cover of the yearly literary magazine. Rita was chosen from the school to do it as she is wonderful with detail and precsision and knows how to draw well. I am bragging but really she puts me to shame with her artwork lately as I was never that careful and usually messed any illustration up. This did cause her lots of neck tension working alot of the time on Sunday(at least 8 hours on the detailing ot the right half) and during school the previous week so she has a stiff neck, but it was worth the effort and I think it turned out well.
YOu can see more of her work on her website on etys HERE.
She has already begun working on her senior project which will be publishing a book of her illustrations on "Unusual Animals A-Z" which she has a few on the store site already.
I am a proud mom today as she has stuck with the task and finished it wonderfully!
Right on Rita!!

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