Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Take My Hand Vintage Children at Beach

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I know its too early for some of you to start thinking about the beach but in California and some of the west its really never too early. This image is again from my favorite long ago family the Freeman's from S. California. I decided through some prompting from one of my sisters to list this as a card. I think it needs very little explanation. These are two older girls holding the hand of thier baby brother at the beach. The year is 1924. I decided this would be a wonderful card for a sibling to send either a brother to sister or sister to brother. It could also be a card for anyone who has been guided by a person. It really is nice for anyone. I did some magic on it and published it on Etsy as a card today. Things have picked up on Etsy for me and also on Ebay. I believe that things are going to get better for everyone as the warmer months approach. As for us here in Sedona this is warm. Today is supposed to be in the 100s in Phoenix and that means 90s here.
Rita is going to Phoenix for the championship track meet finals soon and people are graduating at ASU this weekend with Obama giving the send off speech. I hope everyone brings their little portable fans and spray bottles.
I walked Blue at 6:30 am and usually I see no one but today I came across my neighbor who is Japanese and my age and married to a very tall non Japanese guy(she is 5ft) and she was walking her Bison Frise and someone's schnauzer. The Bison walks alone and so adorable but the schnauzer was w back legs sprawled and refusing to move looking like a donkey with attitude. She said,"SOmeone once said they could see skid marks behind him" I laughed as this dog knew he would be back in the house and was so determined to walk forever outside.
After that I walked around the corner and there she was again, we had gone seperate ways but managed to bump into each other again and she was stopped and staring at the tile roof of one of the condo units. There was a giant crow on the roof squaking loudly like he was talking, really it looked like he was trying to say something. I smiled at her again and said, "Aparently this bird has something to crow about". She laughed and we both wished each other a nice day and went our ways.
Another interesting thing was this weekend I went on Mother's Day with Rita for a quick look see at our only clothing store Beals and there was another one of Rita's friends with her mother shopping and we stopped to chat and she had an accent like Australia but I asked if she was and she said,"South Africa". I asked how she ended up in Sedona and she said"Love". I always wonder what brings people here. I could make a book of the answers.
Then to mexican restaurant a few feet from Beals for lunch and there was another friend of Rita's w her mother. Why I mention any of this is that some times I complain about "small town" boohoo this and that, but really one of the wonderful things about it is you see people you know all the time. A big city you might see someone you know once in a lifetime there or less. Here in Sedona there is something almost comforting about going places and seeing those you know. I can't explain it but its a fact.
So here we are on Tuesday and wishing all of you a wonderful week!


K9 said...
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chickory said...

what a great mothers day you had. and congratulations of your front page sale. if not for you, i would never know i had once had an image on the FP. my Etsy sales are very very slow -okay, not at all. but i think i will be building a stand alone store as part of my illustration portfolio this summer.

my husband and i were married in sedona. on bell rock. lovely place.

i found a few vintage pics and bought them...thought i might list them on Etsy but just havent had the inclination.

and finally, your kind words regarding my hen are deeply appreciated. my heart is broken and bad. she was such a personality the house seems colder without her. what a little pistol she was. i must seem a terrible mother, but it is very difficult to balance their free time against the dangers of hawks and coyotes and foxes -snakes domestic cats...and much more.

thanks again, friend. and glad to hear your shop is doing well. you deserve it!

OriginalTreasures said...

This photo is so beautiful, and endearing. You are correct...no story needed for this photo! Your sister was smart to encourage you to turn this into a card, and put it in your Etsy shop...it's a wonderful image!
I enjoyed reading all about your Mother's Day venture into town...sweet!

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