Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Mom and all Mothers- give to a mother's Charity today..please

This is a photo that sister Sharon took at her home. It is 4 generations. My mom and myself with Rita as a baby and my older daughter Sara with her daughter Ellen. To put things in perspective my wonderful mom turns 80 this July and Ellen graduates in a few weeks from high school. Sara now has 4 lovely children. And I am the proud mother of 2 girls SAra and Rita both whom I love dearly!
My mom who would need a novel to talk about is one of 6 children 4 girls and 2 boys and my aunties are wonderful mothers, all of them. My mom is and was everything a wonderful mother could be, she took care of us in every way, gave good examples and wonderful phrases to live by that her mom taught her like "you can catch more flies with sugar than vinegar", I still use that stuff today and my mom was the queen and still is of words she does crosswords and reads every day! She can cook like there was no tomorrow, pie, rhubarb jam, lasagne, anything and still looks beautiful as she moves like a machine walking all day. She has also been the worlds best knitter, sewer having sewn all 7 girls clothing of and on and still knits for grandkids and I have 3 of her beautiful crocheted rugs in the kitchen. Mom you are a walking wonderwoman... the latest and greatest of the superheros!!!

What a wonderful day! The mourning doves are outside cooing to the already broiling desert sun rising about the mountains. There is nothing but quiet at this time of nearly 7 am.
Yesterday was the track regionals and Rita outdid herself w a Personal Best in the long jump coming in second and in triple jump a tie for 3rd, 300 meter hurdles she took 2nd place in 95 degree heat running what most consider the hardest race of the day due to the heat and as I arrived I got to see her run the 100 meter hurdles and win first place. The girls won the meet and the boys took second. The parents sat in the shade for awhile under a tarp but it was still very hot. Then we went for a piece of pizza and at 10pm Rita met the girls from the team to go see Star TRek.
But today is Sunday and that day belongs to my mom and all the mothers around the world. Proud we are to be and claim our day! But really as my mom would say,"every day is mother's day" for even though we are living in modern times, mothers still are unpaid for their job and not only unpaid but often penalized for working outside the home. I know that in Norway a mother gets 6 mnths leave and the father gets 6 weeks to help the new mom. I hope I am alive to see the day when the govt in AMerica does at least that much for the new mom. As it is most working moms are forced back to work only a week after the birth and if they don't are canned. I also want to give a big hug to all the mothers of soldiers who have their children somewhere other than home today. Another sad tribute is to all the mothers who have lost children this day is probably bittersweet. I have a friend who lives in my neighborhood named Marie. She is a very smart Irish woman who worked as a surgical nurse at all the best hospitals back east. But when she went to deliver her son, the doctor said he had some fluid in his lungs and gave him a drug that his system could not take and he died. She never was asked if she wanted the baby to have the drug because as a nurse she knew the risks, he made the choice without asking and she never stopped talking about it. It has haunted her whole life and that is a mother that truly has the hardest road to hoe as they would say. I will always have a spot for Marie, she never had another child.. I also know that my mom and her sister lost children at different times and my grandmother so my love and thoughts are with them. Now to every mother who has raised a child with disabilities, there is no stronger mother on earth, this is a task that I believe most men could not stand up to the challenges. I could go on and on for I have known many mom's with children who are autistic, hyperactive, mentally handicapped, physically handicapped. All these and more take a person who is strong of character with patience and love. Last but not least are the women who have been through and are victims of war, this would include Africa and the Middle East at present. Mothers who cannot feed their children such as in Africa and have to watch them fade away, mothers in Afghanistan and Iraq who's children are refugees, mothers in the GAza strip who's children need medical care but cannot get it. These are the mothers who need our help. I would like to ask each of you who read this to donate what you can to a charity that specifically helps a mother today. Think how much good that will do one other mother. If we could all encourage one person to give what they could to a charity that directly helps a mother that is what mother's day could mean to another person in another town or village.
This site is pretty good and has lots of options for giving both in US and abroad and is solely doing a mother's day event.. do what you can and please please pass this along!


Julie Magers Soulen said...

What a beautiful bunch! My Mom turns 80 in July this year too. She just says "I can't believe my kids are so old!"

Sandra said...

Hi marianne, what a wonderful tribute to Mothers. I am in awe. Happy Mother's Day to u. love, Sandra

TheEye said...

what a wonderful tribute to your mom and family. My mom will turn 80 this year as well.

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