Thursday, May 14, 2009

Roses on the Vine Pastel Painted Photo on Watercolor paper

This is my latest edition to my store. It is from a black and white photograph that I took in my friend Tamara's yard in California many years ago. She was the finest gardener I have ever met. She raised chickens with her two daughters so they could be in 4H club and her roses and other flowers covered 3 of her 9 acres in the hills outside of Santa Cruz. Every year Tamara had a party on her birthday and had lots of wonderful food and drink and everyone brought children and lots of instruments and bluegrass could be heard until sundown and then the electric guitars came out and played until 2 am. They lived up against a hillside and more than once she lost a chicken to a hawk but kept them inside a wire cage as much as she could. The roses were so special and every year she gave me cuttings and plants. Her hands were worn thin from gardening but she was one of the finest rose growers ever. My roses were lucky to get a few blooms.
I printed this on a large piece of paper18X24 and colored over it with pastels. The result is really so painterly and nice, I have always loved it. Also the peachy colored roses are some of my favorite and as roses are now in full bloom her in Arizona I must enjoy them as they are all gone by June or July due to the heat.
If you click on this it will go to my store and you can blow it up to see the details..
There is even a movie my parents made of me at my grandfather's home in Detroit smelling the roses. I loved his garden, he too had a green thumb. His roses were so beautiful! So lets hear it for Roses... I proclaim May as rose month!
Here is also a link to my treasury.
Hello Sunshine Treasury click to go see it and leave me a comment if you like!

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