Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lincoln Todd~ A photo album of historic significance!

This is a photo of 2 adult or teen children from probably 1880s, Australia.
I came across a photo album on ebay this morning that really got my interest in that it is a very early album from 1860s-1880s and filled to overflowing with images from a wealthy family who was from Australia and traveled Europe and settled in America. The person putting the album together was obsessed with the Lincoln tragedy as anyone now days might be obsessed with any interesting or historic event in modern times in politics.
The album is filled with photos of Lincoln , Booth and appears to have a huge amt of images for a man named Colton who apparently made the reservation at the theater for Lincoln the day he was killed. I am leaving a link here if you are interested. If you love historic photos or politics go check this out, scroll to the end as there are really some great images. This should probably be in a museum and hopefully it will be some day.

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Julie Magers Soulen said...

Marianne, you come across the most fascinating things! I hope that album is preserved.

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