Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hummingbird TRapped

Yesterday a hummingbird flew into the rafters of my back porch. He was trapped there for hours. The sun was beating down on him through the plastic roof and I could see he was going to expire. My heart was breaking for this creature. He kept flying up and if he only knew he was inches away from freedom if he would only fly down. I tried to coax him with the broom but soon realized it might injure him and then got some duct tape and taped a plastic dish on it and put some sugar water in hoping it would help rejuvenate him. It fell off. Finally he was about to die, his beak open and panting he kept flying up and hitting the roof. I sprayed him gently with the mist on the hose and I think he actually drank some of the water. He was still there an hour later and I started to cry and was pretty upset. I just didn't want any creature dying in my yard if I could help it. Finally I shut the curtains and went back to work. I went outside a short time later and he was on the other side of the beam just sitting there. He flew away. I was so relieved. I am sure he lived. Any creature with such determination to live and the will to go on despite his adversities, must live! If humans could only learn from the smallest creatures on earth. Life no matter how small or short, is worth the effort!


pey said...

Thank goodness, Marianne. I was holding my breath as I read your story. I'm glad it has a happy ending.
Thanks for sharing.

slinkymalinkicat said...

I just held my breathe too. Phew, thank goodness he got out!

GlazedOver said...

We had a similar experience last summer. My younger daughter noticed that a sparrow had gotten one of its wings caught between two slats of our picket fence. Luckily in this case, I could easily reach the the poor creature. I held it gently as my daughter spread the slats and I gingerly slid its wing upward until it was free. Then the sparrow flew out of my hands, off to freedom once again. It was such a gratifying moment to watch it fly away and such a relief after the stress of the initial situation!

chickory said...

oh i have felt that very same anxiety before. Thank goodness he made it!

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